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Corporate overview

Welcome to AmatsiSEPS

AmatsiSEPS is a privately held pharmaceutical company with a hybrid business model engaged in drug delivery and development combining internal product development programs and drug product development services.

Within its internal product development programs the company applies the combination of carefully designed prodrugs with the appropriate delivery forms creating innovative therapies for patients by expanding the medical application field of existing and well-characterised drugs, initially targeted to the following therapeutic areas: infectious diseases (antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial), oncology, migraine, chemotherapy-induced and postoperative nausea vomiting. The edge of the company resides in the fact that AmatsiSEPS is developing variants of highly selling drugs, including blockbusters, for a second 'patent life protected' period with substantial improvements over the initial parent drug.

In addition, AmatsiSEPS provides advanced drug product development services to the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies services encompassing preclinical development, preformulation development, formulation development, dosage forms development, analytical development and scaling-up of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals for oral, pulmonary, nasal and parenteral delivery. The company is dedicated to the development of innovative drug delivery systems serving solutions to enhance bioavailability and control drug release for difficult-to-formulate drug candidates.